Menaskai recipe explained with step by step pictures and a video. This menaskai is prepared using capsicum, hog plum, red chili, sesame seeds, coconut and few other spices. Capsicum menaskai or donnemenasu menaskai is a very tasty gravy. This is an Udupi style sweet and sour gravy and goes well with rice or chapathi.

Add gojju masala ground paste & salt to cooked amtekai (hog plum) and mix well. Cook this in a medium flame till the amtekai gojju starts boiling. Turn the heat to low and add a tablespoon of raw coconut oil and allow it to boil for another 8-10 mins. Stir in between and allow the amtekai gojju to thicken. Check the salt and spices and adjust.

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Amatekayi Uppinakayi is a pickle prepared using Hog Plums. My mother used to narrate a story regarding a household wherein there would be many jars with Mango / Mavinakayi, Gooseberry / Nellikayi, Amatekayi / Hog Plum, Nimbekayi / Lemon pickles stored on a loft in the kitchen.

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amtekai gojju recipe- watch video for detailed instruction: Amtekai or Hog plum( in english) is sour green fruit that almost looks like small mangoes. But the taste is not like mangoes, it is of more sour taste. Mostly we use the tender amtekai / amatekayi / ambate for pickles and gojju, where we can eat the seed/pit. Once it is fully matured.

22-07-2015  · Amtekai /Indian Hog plum is called in different names. Amtekai in Kannada(Karnataka), Omora in Assamese, Amra in Bengali. In Goan Konkani it is known as Ambado and in Malayalam it Ambazham(Ambalham). Jungle Aam in Hindi Lets see some benefits of eating Amtekai/Indian hog plum in our diet.

27-06-2017  · If there’s something better than Baby Mango Pickle, it is this oil free Karnataka style Amtekayi Uppinakayi ಅಮಟೆಕಾಯಿ ಉಪ್ಪಿನಕಾಯಿ (Indian Hog Plum Pickle). So distinctly flavorful, I’d call it the end of summer’s best pickle after Mango.

AMTEKAI [HOG PLUM] PICKLE RECIPEUdupi cuisine is a cuisine of South India. It forms an important part of Tuluva-Mangalorean cuisine and takes its name from Udupi, a city on the southwest coast of India in the Tulunadu region. Udupi cuisine has its origin in the Tulu Ashta Mathas of Udupi founded by Madhvacharya. Udupi cuisine comprises dishes made primarily from grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits.

Ambazhanga – Hog Plum-Excellent source of Vitamin C and Iron . Amtekai or Indian Hog plums are part of the genus Spondias and are related to the family Anacardiaceae. This fruit is green and looks almost like a tiny little green mango. They have a slightly elongated shape with a large pit inside.The pit itself is soft and edible when the fruit is tender making it a delicious snack. When the fruit matures fully, the pit.

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