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In the wake of the escalating situation, public figures from all walks of life are coming.

A blood donation Non-Government Organisation by the name- Blood Seva Parivar- took to Twitter to share the.

More being tested, stricter home quarantining measures in place; Govt announces precautionary measures until March 29.

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Every Congressman (particularly those between age group of 20 to 40 years) must get ready to assist the public in social distancing.

8974897375; Manipur Pradesh Seva Dal: 8837376702) can be.

It further appealed all to pray at home and refrain from public Church services while mentioning that any individual may come.

Meanwhile, Nongmaiching Lainingthou Baruni Seva Committee has banned.

FREE FREE KALYAN 11-07-2019 PUBLIC SEVA FREE ALL MARKET GAMELaguna doctor did not succumb to COVID-19 – “This is to inform the public that the official result of the RITM with the COVID-19 swab test of our late Dr. Raquel Seva is.

In a public post, the provincial government advised those who might have been in contact.

In Laguna province, obstetrician Raquel Seva from San Pedro City died on Wednesday to COVID-19 and was.

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